Setup your own private docker based continuous delivery pipeline… for free!

Now Docker for Mac is production ready, developing docker based applications has never been easier. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a local, CI and production environment, all powered by docker, and enabled to support continuous delivery. The aim is to complete this all within 30 mins. Ready? You’ll need the following ingredients. Continue reading

2015 in review

Continuing the trend from last year, here’s my personal review of 2015.

2015 goals

  • Algorithm course
    Wanting to plug some gaps in my knowledge, I signed up for an algorithms course on Coursera. I didn’t complete the course, but it did highlight some things I definitely need to work on. I’ll be taking that into 2016, and I may look at completing the course in full at some point.
  • Design patterns
    Continued learning/implementing design patterns. Brought basics of UML into teams to help communicate ideas and it has been very effective.
  • Docker
    Intended to get to grips with Docker but something always seemed more pressing. Now seeing mixed feedback on Docker used in practice, and have decided to sit this one out a bit longer until it gets a bit more mature. Continue reading

Why you should join Sky Technology Leeds

Sky Tech Leeds are currently looking for software devs with experience in any of the following:¬†Android/iOS/PHP/Python/JS/Java/Ruby. Want to look at a job spec or have an informal chat about the role? Contact christopher.bell2 at / Twitter / LinkedIn, you won’t regret it!

Sky Technology in Leeds is growing at a fast pace, and we need lots of software developers to join us on this journey.¬†Not sure if it’s right for you? Hesitating to make the first steps? Too comfy in your current role? Well, here’s the inside scoop on why I think it’s great to be a software engineer at Sky Technology.

Continue reading

2014 in review

2014-goalsAfter getting a whiteboard for Christmas 2013, I decided to get into the habit of writing down my goals for the coming calendar year. This post is just to reflect on how that went, but also review some of the other achievements I’ve had in 2014.

It’s important to recognise the wins in your career and life, as it’s so easy for them to get hidden amongst the drama of the daily grind. I’d urge you to do the same, whether it’s on a blog or on a piece of paper. Continue reading

The joys of (nearly) becoming a Windows Phone developer

After developing SalaryBot for both iOS and Android platforms, it had crossed my mind that may be the next step would be to develop the app for Windows Phone. After a bit more thought, I decided not to bother, as for the market share I just couldn’t see how this would be worth my effort. Then I got incentivised by Nokia. Continue reading

Accessing your development server on a mobile device

A common setup in a web development team is to have a shared local development box, which is usually located on a private local area network. Whilst this setup has previously worked well, with the shift of consumer activity to mobile devices well underway, a big problem with this workflow has surfaced itself: how do we develop/test on mobile devices? Continue reading

Implementing AdMob in your hybrid iOS app (Apache Cordova)

Looking to monetise the hybrid iOS app that you built using a framework like Apache Cordova/PhoneGap? I’ll make the assumption that you aren’t all that familiar with Objective-C, but you’re happy to code away using frontend web technology. This poses an interesting question: How the hell do you integrate AdMob on iOS? Continue reading