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About Chris Bell

Chris Bell is a web developer from the city of Leeds, UK.

Becoming involved with web development at a young age, he has slowly built up a small client base in amongst achieving his first class honours degree in Web Media Technology & Network Computing from Staffordshire University. His award winning final year project saw him explore iPhone development and caused him to develop a passion for the world of mobile technology.

As commercial experience goes, Chris has previously worked as a developer for digital agencies in Cardiff, Leeds and Harrogate; working with brands like Marks & Spencer, Hi-Tec & Ping. Recently he got out of the agency game and switched codes to become an in-house developer for Sky Sports.

As if that wasn’t enough, he also freelances through CAB Designs.

Chris is a Zend Certified Engineer. His day-to-day tools of the trade include PHP (Zend Framework), MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 (LESS/SCSS), JavaScript (AngularJS) and Git. Although he has been known to occasionally fire up Photoshop.

His interests include playing football, scuba diving, music, eating out and now writing about himself in third person.


  1. Dyde Dyde


    I am thinking of becoming a zend certified engineer too. may i know is the practices qns from ucertify similar to the actual zend test?

    How long does it take for the preparation.. Is the exam date instant? e.g. we bought the voucher, then when we are ready, we can do it anytime. Or is the exam time scheduled?


    • chrisbell chrisbell

      Hi Dyde,

      Thanks for stopping by. In response to your question, I can’t comment specifically on the exam questions, but if you know enough about PHP, you’ll be to handle any format of question they throw at you 🙂

      It took me a few days to prepare (full time), but that’s combined with working in PHP for a number of years also. It may take someone else longer. The more time you give yourself to revise the better.

      The exam voucher lasts for a year, so any time you can book with an exam centre and take the test. It’s very flexible.

      Good luck!

  2. Abhijit Somadder Abhijit Somadder

    Hi Chris!
    One thing I’m not clear. Should I know every functions that php has as there are many?

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